Volvo President confirms second ‘very beautiful’ streetcar in March

Volvo confirms had the launch of the second battery-electric model (BEV) on March 2nd, 2020. This announcement came as part of the Swedish brand’s plan to have a new BEV every year by 2025, when it wants this type of vehicle to represent half of its global sales.

Volvo’s new BEV will use the same compact modular architecture (CMA) as XC40 Recharge and according to Hakan Samuelsson, executive president of the Nordic manufacturer, will have “more aerodynamic bodywork” than that SUV, the manufacturer’s first electric. From the beginning, a crossover with more sportive lines, of the coupe type, currently in vogue, is foreseen.

“We will keep in secret the main details of the new model until we show it, but I guarantee that it will be very beautiful”, revealed Samuelsson in declarations to Auto News Europe, adding that it will not be the successor of the discontinued V40, which competed in a price segment that “no longer satisfies the company’s objectives”.

“For Volvo to be profitable, we need to focus on higher segments and adopt an even more premium positioning,” said the Volvo leader.

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