Top French Concept Cars Ever

French automakers are known for their eccentric and unusual cars, but they are also relentlessly innovative, capable of making any car lover more excited than watching a good vidéo porno.

As if that weren’t enough, French cars (Citroen, Peugeot, Renault, Alpine and Bugatti) are the most popular in the European market, with around two-thirds of their vehicles being driven throughout Europe.

However, in the automotive industry most of us don’t want a race to the past, but a race to the future, so we thought it would be a good idea to bring you our top concept cars from these five important French brands.

1- Alpine:

This may be the least known brand and it is because it is the youngest of the above mentioned, however they are known for becoming the brand dedicated to innovative, authentic and exclusive sports cars of the Renault Group.

Meet the Alpine A4810 Concept:

Alpine has a rich history ranging from rally racing to Formula One, but that hasn’t stopped the French automaker from looking to the future, which has led to the design of the Alpine 44810 a formula 1 inspired super car that plans to hit the market in 2035.

Meet the Alpine A4810

They certainly succeeded in creating a car with an innovative design, equipped with competitive but simple mechanics under a light and attractive body, while using as many mass-produced parts as possible to achieve a low-cost price.

The end result is a futuristic supercar that pushes the limits of the brand in terms of package, proportions and design language.

2- Bugatti:

It is one of the largest producers of supercars in the world and yes it is French! Bugatti in fact, is one of the oldest supercar manufacturers, predating Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche and McLaren.

The legendary Bugatti Veyron, Grand Sport and SuperSport are the only cars produced under this moniker at the time, however the brand’s designers have taken on the task of creating a couple of impressive concept cars and it is said that the Spartacus SUV could enter the market this 2022 to compete against the Lamborghini Urus.

Take a look at the Bugatti Spartacus:

The design language of its parent company will adapt seamlessly from sports cars to much larger vehicles. The Spartacus SUV has all the Bugatti DNA, but it shows how the company is diversifying.

3- Citroën:

This may be one of those slightly more common vehicles that you get every day on the streets of France, however, its designers over the years have created several prototypes worthy of causing the same effect as a porn video.

Enter the future with the GTBYCITROËN:

The GTbyCitroën, is a car that has flowing and taut lines, stretched to the extreme with the sides clearly drawn and the pearly tone of the bodywork make it look like a car taken from the digital world.

And it clearly is, this car is the result of a partnership between Citroen and Polyphone (the designers of the famous racing game, Gran Turismo 5).

The future with the GTBYCITROËN

Among its most striking features are its huge, wide air intakes, its beautiful blue LED headlights and its stylized rear-view mirrors that appear to be suspended in mid-air.

4- Peugeot:

Peugeot has been in the automotive industry game for more than two centuries, coming a long way to earn the title of “The Oldest Continuing Automobile Brand”.

Most of the automotive industry is making general moves towards electric vehicles and quite futuristic looks. Of course, French manufacturer Peugeot is not going to be left behind!

Introducing the PEUGEOT E-LEGEND:

A vehicle that undoubtedly reminds you of a couple of old muscle cars, but with a modern and quite elegant touch.

The E-Legend breaks with convention with a classically proportioned exterior and crisp features. The interior is almost a modern masterpiece, not to mention the 456 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of torque from the electric powertrain!

5- Renault:

Another strong brand whose target customer seems to be only those looking for affordable cars to get around on a daily basis, well known for producing quite affordable trucks, buses and cars.

Renault, as a more affordable alternative, won the hearts of Europeans, boosting overall electric vehicle sales in 2014. However, don’t be fooled by appearances, with their concept cars they have proven that they can compete on elegance, innovation and above all price against the big boys of the industry with cars like the Renault Morphoz.

Lose yourself in the beauty of the Renault Morphoz:

The Morphoz is designed as an urban family car for 2027, with its modular design allowing one vehicle to fulfill multiple functions.

Lose yourself with the Renault Morphoz

It is Renault’s latest concept in recent years to anticipate future technology, but while previous models have looked further towards fully autonomous cars, this concept is intended to be a vision of the near future.