What is the best way to have sex in a car?

In today’s modern society, the idea of having sex in a car may seem strange.

But it’s actually quite common for both men and women to try out new sexual positions in their cars.

Are you looking forward to having some fun with your partner tonight?

Maybe make a sexe gratuit tape from the “comfort” of your car?

Well, don’t forget to take precautions before you indulge in sexual activities.

You never know who might walk into your fun times unexpectedly.

Sex in cars has become quite common nowadays.

Most couples would probably agree that they’ve had better experiences when they’ve engaged in sex in a vehicle.

There are several reasons why people choose to engage in sex in their vehicles.

Some simply enjoy the thrill of being exposed to a new environment while others want to experience an adrenaline rush from the momentary danger associated with banging in “public places”.

If you are planning to have some fun in your car, then you should consider the following points before you get started.

Is it fun to have sex in the car?

Couple kissing before having sex inside a car
Couple kissing in the backseat of a car

Car sex isn’t just for teenagers trying to hide from their parents. It can be a fun, flirtatious experience.

However, it comes along with its own sets of difficulties for couples to be aware of before driving away to a dark corner to indulge in some backseat fun together.

How do you secretly have sex in a car?

Do you use your car for occasional overnight trips or do you use it as an extra bedroom?

If your car is where you make sweet, gentle love, then you should consider investing in some tinted windows for your car.

You also need to choose a parking spot that’s very hard to see from the street, and, ideally, do so at night.

Why? Well, besides the possible embarrassment factor of being caught, having sex in a public place is illegal.

And it’s not cool to expose someone else to your sex life, because they can’t consent to your sexual activity.

How do you comfortably have sex in a car?

Couple having sex inside their car
Legs sticking out of the car window of a couple that is having sex in a car

For couples who want to spice up their relationship, car sex is a great way to keep the excitement and fun alive.

Besides the fun, car sex is quite complicated.

Some people may not feel comfortable having sex in their cars because of the uncomfortable seating position and the lack of privacy.

If you want to improve your sex life, here are some useful tips for enjoying car sex without facing any difficulties.

Don’t go all crazy in the car if you’re thinking of having sex.

It can be difficult to implement different sex positions because there may not be enough room for both partners to move freely.

You should choose a position where you can stay comfortably for long periods of time.

You can also adjust the pillow for extra cushioning, if needed, or move the front seat forward so that it’s not closer to the backseat.

Oral sex is also very desirable when done in the car, especially if you have any doubts about the sex positions you’re using.

What happens if you get caught making out in a car?

Discretion is important, but sometimes accidents happen, so be prepared for them.

We wanted to know what the most common car sex mishaps are.

We found that 18% of Londoners have been caught by a stranger while doing the deed, 12 percent of Audi drivers have been watched and people aged 55+ have a higher chance of getting caught by the police.

If you’re unlucky enough to be caught in the act, the police will probably give you a verbal warning and ask you to dress and leave immediately.

However, you could get into trouble if you aren’t careful.

If you’re caught committing an indecent act in public, you may face charges for outraging public decency. Especially if you have been reported by a fellow citizen.

If you’re caught performing (or on receiving end) of a sex act while driving, you may be charged with careless driving and receive up to three penalty points on your license

If you’re dealing with a more serious incident. You could be charged for dangerous driving, which carries fines, maximum points on your license, or even jail time.

Is having sex in a car against the law?

There is no specific law that says it’s illegal for people to have sexual intercourse in a car.

However, if two persons are engaged in sexual activity in a car parked in a public place, and within public view of others, then they may be arrested for committing a crime.

Depending on the jurisdiction where the crime took place, they could face charges for

  • lewd behavior in public,
  • public indecency,
  • indecent exposure, or
  • disorderly conduct.

Most of these offenses carry misdemeanor penalties.

A conviction can lead to up to six months to one year of prison time.

If the facts of the case require an offender to register for a sex offense, he or she may be required to register as a sex ­offender.

Whether or not sex in a vehicle is considered to be taking place in a “public area” is largely determined by:

  • the laws in the jurisdiction where the sexual act occurred, and the facts of that case.

If you’re accused of committing a sex act in public, you need to consult with an experienced criminal lawyer.

A skilled lawyer can advise you on which state laws are applicable to a given charge, and which ones might be relevant to your case.

Also, note that most conversations between an alleged perpetrator and a lawyer are protected by the attorney-client relationship.

People shouldn’t worry about potentially embarrassing information getting leaked into the public domain.