Sorry, 'sight'! (obviously not a Texan keyboard)
2009-11-14 09:57 - The Scrum
Adam & Team, well done thus far, go for the final push, the end is in site!
2009-11-14 09:54 - The Scrum
Hi everyone You've been doing so well. We're all really proud of you. Make sure they add up all your CPs correctly, as the current leaderboard does not reflect the actual number of CPs that you have been credited with. One final push, then it's time for a pint!
2009-11-14 08:25 - Leszek
you're doing really well kev
2009-11-14 08:23 - Lauren
you guys are fantastic! Keep it going right to the end, you should be so proud of yourselves!
2009-11-14 08:09 - julia
Hi guys By the time we get up in the morning, you'll probably be near the end - it's 2.15am on Saturday. Well done on an awesome achievement. Let's see you in the top 10 - you deserve it. Stay focused and good luck.
2009-11-14 02:17 - Leszek
Very soon you will be in the Top 10 IN THE WORLD! Awesome. Hang in there.
2009-11-13 21:50 - Gary T
Go team A. You have worked so hard, notl ong left now
2009-11-13 21:17 - jackie
MAN ON!!!!!!!
2009-11-13 21:13 - Duncan
Almost there, last little push......these words are going to sound very familiar soon !!! Go daddy go XXX
2009-11-13 20:41 - Haze & Toby
Still looking strong folks - despite reports that Caz is now towing and navigating! Your competitors little shortcuts will come under scrutiny, your route looks bombproof, and a solid pace. Keep it up!
2009-11-13 18:00 - Vallance
Keep moving, stay hungry. That Top 10 looks very do-able, you just have to keep it on, and let the others keep burning out around you.
2009-11-13 12:47 -
Adam i reszta zespołu trzymamy kciuki za Wasz sukces. POzdrawiam MaciekT
2009-11-13 10:19 - MaciekT
Hi guys The ARWC website is a waste of time. Rob Howard's reports on sleepmonsters ate, at least, giving us some updates, but we have no idea where anyone is. It seems that you need o maximise your CPs, and get after Helly Hansen! Stck with it and do your best - there seems to be a lot of fall out with even elite teams being disorientated and making bad mistakes! Go for it, and stay cool. Adam's Dad
2009-11-13 07:59 - Leszek
If I can make any sense of this site I think you've moved up the leaderboard and are doing well?!!Keep it going man. Sarah xx.
2009-11-13 07:19 - Sarah
Go Go Go...! Nearly there x
2009-11-13 05:59 - Becky
You're all amazing. Still with you all the way.
2009-11-13 05:43 - 58North
Sounds like you are toughing it out, keep smiling and enjoy the sun coming up. Brilliant work so far, nail the finishing legs now. Good luck
2009-11-13 02:43 - AndyM
Kev - urgent news the bloke from coronation street got chucked out of strictly . Duncans gutted - no more flavia. Is the weather nice?
2009-11-12 21:37 - Lisa
Wow, keep chipping away and you will soon be in the top 10! If only you hear us shouting for you guys everytime we log on! Come on !! XXX
2009-11-12 20:56 - Haze
Go for it Adam & team!! Thinking of you over there!
2009-11-12 19:49 - Enfield Williamsons!
Following race closely.Wow it seems tough!! You seem to be having a good day. Keep picking off these CP's.
2009-11-12 19:04 - 58North
Hope all going well...not far to end of luck for Fr.13th!
2009-11-12 16:46 - Williamson family (Adam)
keep up the good work progressing well
2009-11-12 14:31 - nige
Keep it going guys, you're doing fab. With you all the way x
2009-11-12 12:04 - Becky
Keep it up guys, looks like you're doing well to keep ahead of the cut-offs. It's not too easy to keep track of position but I think with some teams behind you on the road but with more CPs inevitably going to miss cut-offs you'll start making progress up the leaderboard.
2009-11-12 10:30 - Dan
All the gang here are wishing you and the team all the best for the closing stages. Give it all you got, keep on enjoying it. Binksy
2009-11-12 10:14 - stortford tri
You're going GREAT. Go for it as you go into the last stages.
2009-11-11 22:31 - Neil
Keep at it and dig deep bud, says the big lass on the sofa who can give you an up date on any soap and eat a whole chocolate orange in one sitting x
2009-11-11 21:20 - Haze
You guys are awesome! Keep it going it looks like you're doing brilliantly, although why are you smiling in all the photos? shouldn't you be tired by now?!
2009-11-11 21:19 - Julia
2009-11-11 20:40 - Freddie H
We wish You good luck from Poland, for Adam and all of You!!!!!
2009-11-11 18:07 - Kazig
Keep it turning over guys I'm thinking of you. I tell you, it's gruelling sitting by my log fire out in the hills Keep them bike bloody clean!!!!!!!!!! :0) Best wishes Happy thoughts during those dark times....
2009-11-11 17:33 - JC
2009-11-11 15:51 - marcia
Hi Think you are doing great. Keep it up and all the best. XX
2009-11-11 13:40 - 58North
We thought we would do our own adventure racing inside granny's house on our new bikes. Thanks Uncle Ken! Charlie wants you to win (of course)and bring home the 'piston cup'!! xxx
2009-11-11 13:16 - The Argyros Boys
All the very best of luck. Go for it. Love Nan and Grandad xx
2009-11-11 11:35 - Adam's Nan and Grandad
Hi guys We're hoping for a leaderboard update at 12 noon today (Wed) - it's 8.40am UK time as I type. V difficult to work out who is where, but looking at the live coverage updates, and doing a bit of deduction, it looks like you're up with the leaders. Don't take this as read, and I know that this will spur you on even more, so I hope you get this message, and well done on all the good work you are putting in. Adam's Dad
2009-11-11 08:44 - Leszek
Go Caz and team! Good luck and have fun!
2009-11-11 01:13 - Phil Sprake
I can't really work out how you are all doing but I'm sure that someone at the club will tell me tomorrow night! Keep pushing but stay safe please. Sarah xx
2009-11-10 21:42 - Sarah
That's the way to do it !! said punch & judy
2009-11-10 21:32 - Dad
Good luck Kevin Mum
2009-11-10 21:13 - Mum Honeysett
Every team of super heros needs a theme tune - Stuart and Debs can you arrange to play Tina Turners 'simply the best' every time they come into transition? Unless there are any other suggestions?
2009-11-10 21:11 - Duncan
Check out my flag, I'm the pope!
2009-11-10 21:07 - Duncan
Hmm.. just looked at how far you've come, and err the remaining sprint for home. Not quite at man on corner yet Kev but I'll let you know when.
2009-11-10 21:04 - Duncan
Go Daddy go! I scored 8 goals at football today. Do you want to borrow my water bottle? x
2009-11-10 20:04 - Toby Honeysett
Hi team Not sure how you're actually doing because teams are all over the place, but it looks like Team 14 (French) are in the lead. You go for it, because you are as strong as any team in the race. Adam's Dad
2009-11-10 18:51 - Leszek
don't stop yet, but you should stop for a coffee along the way....Betta and O'Gormans...
2009-11-10 15:44 -
Sounds really tough BUT when the going gets tough the tough get going. You can do it. With you all the way.
2009-11-10 13:56 - 58North
Hey Kev...great to see you out guys are doing great!! Have fun...I'm only a touch jealous ;-) ...hope you have some coffee beans?
2009-11-10 13:28 - Tracey R
Kev keep going fantastic effort so far, looks a really impressive race and scenary but I doubt you are really looking at the flora and fauna much :)
2009-11-10 12:59 - Rich Q
keep it up guys, chase the french down! go go go!
2009-11-10 10:40 - Benaton!
Well done so far. Try a bit harder Kev. Your'e not in the top 10 yet.
2009-11-10 09:57 - Gav
Well done guys, stay strong and remember you will come through the hard times. Keep smiling :-)
2009-11-10 07:58 - Becky
Well done guys, you are having a good start, keep it going, make sure you remember to look after each other and things are always better an hour later!
2009-11-09 23:14 - Mick Kenyon
Good start guys, that first stage looked awesome! Race strong
2009-11-09 13:40 - Dan
go for it Caroline (and team) dont forget to sleep, and hope you have a shower before you come back to work with us. serisusly, you cand do it and dont give up!!!! emiliano
2009-11-08 21:32 - emiliano
Go for it and have a great time. Don't forget to drink lots - water that is! x x
2009-11-08 21:02 - Adam's Mum
Hi all, hope all goes well for the next five days or so. Watching the build up I am rather jealous of you all being there, have a great time and a good result. Good luck. Adam.
2009-11-08 19:12 - adam
Go guys! looks an amazing race...enjoy it!
2009-11-08 17:10 - Julia
Go Accelerate!
2009-11-08 16:25 - Benaton!
Hi from the far north. All the best for a good race. Will be with you all the way.
2009-11-08 14:50 - 58North
All the best and happy racing
2009-11-08 13:37 - jackie robson
Hi Adam, good luck from all the Harriers back home!
2009-11-08 09:48 - andy k
to kev we hope you win. love lauren
2009-11-08 06:38 -
Go for it.We know you can win. Good luck
2009-11-07 18:00 - Harry & Chris
Hey everyone, we have arrived here and looking forward to this one. Thanks for your messages. We are all packed ready to go. Adam,Caz,Kev,Al
2009-11-07 12:55 -
Have a good race, will be watching.
2009-11-07 09:36 - Ifor