Maria & team, what a brilliant effort, sorry it ends here, you must be exhausted, get some sleep and some tasty food inside you. See you when you get back x
2009-11-13 23:38 - Tori
Just found the bad news. Hope you enjoyed the race. Well done!
2009-11-13 21:48 - Michael
Not far to go - keep pushing. All the best for the remaining sections!
2009-11-13 21:31 - Michael
You guys must be gutted! But you've done your best and thats all you can ask of yourselves. Focus on the lessons learnt that will make you stronger for next year! Big hugs to all of you from Paul's sis!
2009-11-13 18:22 - Karen
I'm sooo proud of you all, well done guys. I'm also so relieved that my hubby is still in one piece - missed you babes. Phone has been cut off so please ring Wayne's mobile xxxxx
2009-11-13 15:18 - dawnie
You did your best and thats all that anyone can ask for! I hope you are all safe and look forward to hearing about the happy times of the race! Keep your chins up- there is always next year! xx
2009-11-13 14:25 - Jo
Edrych yn debyg eich bod wedi gorfod rhoi lan, Gar - gobeithio'ch bod chi'n iawn & wedi cael noson dda o gwsg! Dwe'd wrth Dawn i ffono fi i ddweud shwt a'th pethe xx
2009-11-13 12:30 - Serena
Hope you have had a good night, You have competed in the AR world Championships against the best teams in the world,You will come back fitter-stronger-faster and acnieve your goals. In our eyes you are Champions,we have loved watching the race from home, lets see what help we can give you to Win it Next Year.
2009-11-13 09:11 - Kevin
wooooow! just thought i'd check the latest before bed .... was not expecting that. It was looking so good. Can't believe how gripped I've been with nothing more than a flag on a map, a couple of photos and tweets! Hope everyone is OK and had a good nights sleep by the time any of this is read. Well done. (PS I'm hoping this Claudio chap has got it wrong and when I check at work tomorrow you're little union jack will be marching on, either way, well done)
2009-11-12 23:29 - matt u
Just seen twitter. Hope you are all OK.Its been amazing watching your progress over the week. We're so proud of you all. Sleep well tonight.
2009-11-12 22:29 - Hilary & Kevin
Just read the news! We really feel for you and know you have done really well and pushed hard to the end. Hope none of you have got any bad injuries and are only exhausted. Have a good nights sleep and speak to you soon. Mummy & Daddy XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
2009-11-12 21:45 - Adrianne & Anders
You are on the final lap now we are so excited for you. A warm bed and loads of food is awaiting your return. Good luck and loads of hugs to you all Adrianne and Anders
2009-11-12 20:54 - Adrianne and Anders
A little bit worried as you had not moved all day Batteries out on tracker found you at T5 Nick and Nat do your magic Pump them up and push them out for the final stages all down hill from here !!! GO GUYS your looking great
2009-11-12 20:04 - kevin & Hilary
Hia Gar! Gweld eich bod wedi codi sawl safle dros nos - da iawn! Pob hwyl am weddill y ras! Wrth y Pantlleuci Posse! x
2009-11-12 20:04 - Serena
keep going guys your doing really well
2009-11-12 18:50 - the wilsons
You are doing the right thing! An other rise to place 38!!!! Keep going!
2009-11-12 17:21 - Anders Leijerstam
Come on guys - your doing so well. You keep rising in placing - keep it up! All the best x
2009-11-12 16:58 - Jo
I have just seen that you have rissen from placing 45 to 39!! Great news. Hope you have left enough energy for the next couple of days! Hope the night is kind to you.
2009-11-12 16:01 - Anders Leijerstam
Photos look good :)As dad said, no time for sleeping-get back to it!! :)Cant wait to hear all about it xxx
2009-11-12 13:25 - Jo
I spoke to Nick 15 minutes ago and they were waiting for the team to reach 36c near Marvao.
2009-11-12 13:00 - Ben
Can't make head nor tail of how you are doing!!! Anyway we're watching from Australia...whatever you're doing...keep smiling!
2009-11-12 12:50 - Deb and Clive
Congratulations! I understand that you made the cut off time on Wed night! We are so pround of you all including Nick and Nat who are doing a grand job. Send more reports Nick, if you have the time. Remember, your team comes first!
2009-11-12 12:39 - Anders Leijerstam
White Van Man = Nick Cox (aka "The Proff"). Thames Turbo Triathlon / Ironman Coach. In his spare time he is keen on cross stitch and flower arranging. "The Proff" is also the leading eminence on the floral patterns of wedgewood bone china circa 1832.
2009-11-12 12:22 - Ben
Hi Nat, Matt U here, I second that, great report. Hope you and driver (who is it?) are holding it together for the team. Info is poor but it looks like they are doing very well. Pass on my best wishes.
2009-11-12 09:04 - Lance Coporal Matt Matty Matthews
Nat and white van man( sorry not sure who you are) Great report on Sleepmonsters, good to here your looking after our boys, sounds like your race is just as hard and your decisions are just as important as the racers to achieve a good result, Well done just remember the wrong, or is it right, side of the road to drive on
2009-11-11 22:02 - kevin
Bruce, can anyone play the 7 countries game or is it just to further blow the minds of those who have not slept since Sunday? I can only get 4 so far. Best say good show to Team Water Sports, opps, that's a different magazine! Come on chaps and chapess, keep it up em.
2009-11-11 21:46 - lance corporal matt matty matthews
Keep going guys you are doing briliantly!! Everyone is cheering you on in the UK xx
2009-11-11 21:43 - Anna Gracie
Come on Boys and girls Its a RACE all this nany pany sleeping get on with it !ON YER BIKES and forget that outdoor swimming pool your resting at now
2009-11-11 21:15 - Kevin
Just read the report on sleepmonsters. Well done everyone its great to get some more detailed info. Keep it coming if you have time and energy!
2009-11-11 17:38 - hilary
Super to see your progress on the kayak section. Bet it was nice to put your feet up for a while (cramps aside)!!Keep the nutrition going. Great work. Enjoy!
2009-11-11 17:21 - hilary & kevin
You are within 10 minutes of check point 29!!! Concratulations!16.50
2009-11-11 16:49 - Anders
Hi everyone! We cannot follow your progress! The data log for your team has stayed the same for 2 days and so has the Leaderboard. All we know id that your flag is on a spot on the Spanish and Portuguese boarder. It looks as if you are following a river? Kayaking perhaps? We are all supporting you and your great achievement! XX
2009-11-11 16:17 - Anders Leijerstam
2009-11-11 16:12 - Anders Leijerstam
Well done guys- keep it up! Wish i was out there with you. Chris- I know its hard without my sandwiches and cakes but keep it up! :)
2009-11-11 15:25 - Jo
Paul, am following your progress with great admiration! Your doing just great! Keep going.....
2009-11-11 15:22 - Barbara (No 3KG)
wow're doing so well, i'm a very proud wife Mr.D! Keep on going.....good luck and look after eachother xxx
2009-11-11 15:09 - Dawnie
I went for a short run last night, and now have a blister on my 3rd toe. Hope you guys are holding up better ! Send me a postcard to let me know how you're getting on as the websie is crapola.
2009-11-11 14:54 - Pat Meldrum
I went for a short run last night, and now have a blister on my 3rd toe. Hope you guys are holding up better ! Send me a postcard to let me know how you're getting on as the websie is crapola.
2009-11-11 14:53 -
Hope things are going well for you all. The photo's look fantastic, though finding it hard to track progress from this end. Kick ass dudes!
2009-11-11 13:11 -
Geezers looking good, well maybe, not too sure its more complictaed than a girls bra on a cold winternight after a wee fumble at the school disco! looking good though, hope you are having fun. and are still smiling at least a little bit. something to make you think, name the seven countries that when spelt in English all in capitals can't be coloured in, ie PORTUGAL, doesn't count as you can colour in the P,O,R,A! you get the idea!! get back to me with your answers.
2009-11-11 09:00 - Bruce
good luck to the whole team! You are all crazy, but despite this seem to be doing well! Keep up the good work, will watch your progress...
2009-11-11 08:53 - Alex and Chris
Had a long informative email from Nick today. Thanks a lot! We can't forgive the organisor for sending your support to the wrong place - claim compensation!! Tell them the website is crap - no 'Leaderboard' update since Sunday - it is now Tues. We have no info from the site on what you are doing etc. You are all brill and hope the mountains are kind to you. XXXX
2009-11-10 23:21 - Anders
Today I will be mostly from South Georgia Island. Good this, you can pick any old randem. God it's lonely here, just a few thousand birds and a howling wind. Anyway, can't tell what's going on. No leaderboard since Sunday afternoon. Still, I managed to waste hours at work watching your little flag move through the hills. I'd say you were doing well, so stiff upper lip what, best of british and keep it up chaps. Carry a stick to ward off those perishing sleepy monsters. TTFN.
2009-11-10 22:44 - Lance Corporal Matt Matty Matthews
you look as if you are motoring now. Great work.Keep up the nav.
2009-11-10 21:52 - kevin & hilary
Come on guys, night 2 and still hopefully going strong. We can tell bugger all from the trackers! Hope you're all well and looking after each other. Keep it up and keep going
2009-11-10 21:50 - John Laughlin
you little champs, GO FOR IT...we're .thinking of you every minute and sending you lots of love and fuel. ps Maria, the fit bloke is 5 teams behind you so if you slow down a bit no drama!!!
2009-11-10 21:05 - Nina, David, Luca and Anya
You guys are doing great, so proud of you all. Will check back in later in the week. Great stuff. x
2009-11-10 20:05 - Paul and Clare
Keep it up, doing well so keep encouraging each other and keep those spirits high. Go team! xx
2009-11-10 19:48 - Karen
Good luck Paul - were following you all the way!
2009-11-10 19:04 - Matt & Emily
yeah for Gary! I know that you will give it your very best!
2009-11-10 18:40 - Josie
Fantastic to be able to see how you are getting on - the girls are glued to the computer watching your progress! Keep it up!
2009-11-10 18:37 - Doug, Jo, Millie & Sophie
keep it up!!!! missing u Gaz , look after eachother guys. So impressed with your progress xxxxxx
2009-11-10 16:28 - dawnie
Well done guys! you are great, good luck for the rest of the race A bientot
2009-11-10 16:04 - Gael
Are you sure you can make it! you look knackered already ;-)
2009-11-10 15:43 - Anth
Good luck to the team and to Gary in particular! It's so cool to be able to see your progress online! Keep it up!
2009-11-10 14:05 - Virginie
Hi Gary and Team! Keep it up, you're doing a great job - we're following from UK! Rosie
2009-11-10 11:01 - Rosie Cripps
Give those Swedes a run for their money!! Well done!
2009-11-10 10:17 - anders
Over half way - keep it up!
2009-11-10 08:31 - Barbara from no. 3 KG
We heard about the 4m waves! Shall we send Yacht 'Moonshadow' to your resque?
2009-11-09 22:39 - Anders
We have heard about
2009-11-09 22:37 - Anders Leijerstam
We have heard about
2009-11-09 22:37 - Anders Leijerstam
Maria, You and your story have a double spread in the South Wales Echo today. You look splendid and the story is great! We are following yr every step!
2009-11-09 22:35 - Anders Leijerstam
Great to follow your progress Paul. Those bars are obviously working!Hope the water is working as well.We're rooting for you all the way.
2009-11-09 21:23 - kevin & hilary
Nice one Mia Fia...we love you soooooooooo much. Come on bring out the real welsh in you girl xxx ps you look like 'The Wooly Wooly' in your pic
2009-11-09 20:56 - Nina, David, Luca and Anya
Hope you guys are enjoying it ! It's freezing and foggy here, so nothing special.. but I suppose it's too cold for topless beach volleyball there ! Oh well.. Paul will concentrate on the Nav all the better ! Good luck with the next stage.
2009-11-09 14:29 - Pat Meldrum
you're doing so well guys, make sure u rest and eat when u need to!!! Lots of love, Dawniexxx
2009-11-09 11:49 - dawnie
keep it up guys and gal! Caru ti Gaz, i'm so proud of you!!!! Good luck racing tonight xx
2009-11-09 02:00 - Dawnie
All the best guys - but the boy Davies on rollerblades - are you sure ! It can't be pretty.
2009-11-08 21:52 - Simon Alderdice
check out the beautiful one in team 16 !!!! that'll make you run faster x
2009-11-08 21:43 - custard bach and gooli-eye hafff
geezers, hope the trackings off, you seem to be running all over the spot!! keep pushing it out, and have fun. sure you'll nail it all. will be looking out for you
2009-11-08 21:34 - Bruce Duncan
To our amazingly amazing sister, 2nd wife and mighty muster mia, we are sooooo proud of you GO GET 'EM GIRLIES Stor Kram from us all xxxxx
2009-11-08 21:26 - Nina, David, Luca and Anya
Great first day looking good on the Tracking, good tactics Have a great night racing
2009-11-08 19:10 - kevin & Hilary
We are following you all the way! You look so strong and good in the photo -this must worry the other teams!
2009-11-08 14:58 - Anders Leijerstam
Hi Guys, Watching your progress live, so keep pushing :) Enjoy!
2009-11-08 12:23 - Michael & Teresa
Now I suppose I could say good luck but you dont need that - and I could say don't go too hard at the start too, but you know what you can do better than we ever will! So, hell,push hard and have fun! We'll watch your progress!
2009-11-08 10:38 - Deb and Clive
Good luck guys, have a great race and make sure you race smart AND fast! Make good decisions and look after each other. Don't go too hard to start but make those cut offs and pick up the pace all the way to the finish. Good luck!
2009-11-08 10:30 - John Laughlin
Good luck, run well,enjoy - and best of luck to the support crew!
2009-11-08 08:04 - hilary
Go-fast, Go-straight, Go-safe, Go Go Go
2009-11-08 07:22 - kevin
love the photo guys, you all look fab!! All the luck in the world to you, all my love and cwtshes xx
2009-11-08 00:07 - dawnie
Have a great race guys. All the best, Matt PS Gary I'm typing at half time, Wales 6 NZ 6.
2009-11-07 18:35 - Matt
Yay good luck! Have a great race and watch out for those sleepmonsters! We are all behind you! xx
2009-11-07 14:31 - Karen Pickering
To Paul and all Good luck and have a great race I'll be watching your progress Alistair
2009-11-07 02:33 - Alistair Morris